The Second Ascent

The Second of Three Ascents toward Buddhahood:
From the Gate of the Universal Vows
to the Front of the Bodhisattva Hall

As with the First Ascent, it is important to focus your mind on your task. As this is "The Bodhisattva Path," I suggest one of the "Namo Bodhisattva" mantras found here or the repetition of the Universal Vows (sometimes called "The Bodhisattva Vows") that were made at the gate. There is total of 41 steps (not counting curbs and the two parking lots); if you choose to recite one Vow for each step, that would mean the repetition of ten sets of the Vows, plus one "free" step. Alternatively, if you choose to use all five of the "Namo Bodhisattva" mantras, you would do eight reps plus a free step.


Cross the parking lot and pass between the stone lions; you are on the Bodhisattva Path. Climb the stairs, cross another parking lot, and climb another set of stairs to the Front Porch of the Bodhisattva Hall. Turn right and approach Wei Tuo P'u Sa, the figure on the far right end of the front of the Bodhisattva Hall.

As you go, you may wish to repeat a Mantra or Intention, OR
continue to repeat the Four Universal Vows:

  • Sentient beings are numberless; I vow to save them.
  • Desires are inexhaustible; I vow to put an end to them.
  • The Buddha's teachings are boundless; I vow to master them.
  • The Buddha Way is endless; I vow to follow it.

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